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Drone technology is sophisticated and versatile. And there is no doubt that the industrialisation of drones is taking off, with drones already being used for deliveries of consumer products, providing humanitarian aid, security, and more.


Indeed, 14.2% of drone owners have used them for work purposes.


The survey data shows that it is the more hands-on sectors, such as the trades (e.g. construction and plumbing) and manufacturing industries, where there is a
requirement for equipment that can make costing jobs or checking on machinery
easier, are leading the way in utilising drones for business purposes.


However, industries involved in content creation – such as information and communications – are also shown to be dominating professional usage.


Naturally, the very nature of drone technology lends itself well to the creative and

photographic industries, which are also amongst the biggest sectors adopting drones.


Drones are also being used within the transportation sector – a business area

which has already seen the industrialisation of drone usage, via services such as drone deliveries.